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Karateka (1984) (Broderbund)


Karateka is a martial arts game, so the vast majority of interaction with the world is through fighting ever-stronger opponents who are attempting to thwart your rescue of the princess. Keeping that in mind, the progression is always from left to right. After pressing the space bar during the opening credits to start the game, your character will climb a mountain and stand with orange arrows indicating his strength. If your orange arrow disappear, you're dead. Your opponents will have blue arrows - knock them out first to win each battle. You can be in fighting stance or running stance - running stance will move quicker, while fighting stance will protect you if you are attacked. Press the SPACE bar to go into running or fighting stance. Use the left and right arrow keys to move or run. As for fighting, the Q, A and Z keys will make you punch high, middle and low. The W, S and X keys will make you kick high, middle and low. Be prepared for surprises and close victories!

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